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White Gold Wedding Ring Sets For Her

This white gold wedding ring set for her contains 14k gold, 80 ct. Diamond for a total weight of 14. 00 on each side. She'll be able to wear this ring for years to come.

White Gold Wedding Sets For Her

Looking for a white gold wedding set that will tells the story of your love story in a way no other set can? Look no further than our individualized set planning service! We offer a wide variety of sets for the white gold wedding set. Whether you want a simple set to add to your décor or a sophisticated set that shows off your guests' social media skills, we can plan a set for you. We know what it takes to create a perfect set for your wedding, so send us your request now!

White Gold Wedding Ring Set For Her

This is a white gold finish engagement ring set for her 2 pc size. The ring is a 7. 5 home made with a peridot white gold metal. The band is a 7. 5 ave with a peridot gold metal band. The ring is set with a peridot in-lacrosse team game stone. this wedding ring set consists of a 14k white gold engagement ring and two trio set of over 2ct diamonds. They are perfect for a special occasion. this gold wedding ring set for her is for-her. Org and perfect for her if she is looking to get married again. The set includes a 1 ct. White gold ring and a set of 14k weight white gold chains. if you're looking for a beautiful ring set that will show your love and affection, then take a look at our prices and see for yourself. She'll be able to show her class and value to her partner. Plus, a set of white gold wedding rings will make a statement in any setting.