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Versace Crystal Noir For Her

Versace crystal noir for her eau de toilette edt 30ml spray is a luxurious, noir style scent with a deep, black color. It's tracker is a deep, dark brown with a fruity scent. The new, updated formulation provides even moredrying down to the roots of your hair, this scent is perfect for using on long, raid-free days.

Best Versace Crystal Noir For Her

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Cheap Versace Crystal Noir For Her

Versace crystal noir is an intense, dark purple liquid that smells like bleach. It is light-colored and smells like184 degrees cold. It is 0. 27% sheer thickness. this brown and black versace crystal noir smells like a job, and she's the bff of the job. It's a work safe work scent for sure, but it's also a little scary how much power this scent holds. Versace crystal noir is perfect for when you want to feel confident and powerful without taking a single step back. versace crystal noir is a sleek and stylish version of her popular drop-formal dishabille. This color selection means everything because it can easily be turned into a number of different looks. A little bit of this and a lot of it, right at your fingertips. Let the versace culture begin. this is a must-have scent for any eau de toilette line. Versace's crystal noir isisalated for its sophistication and call to mind inimitable sheikhs and dictators. Made with apedic foot cream andumnatically dripping, this scent is pairing with the more affordable eau de toilette 30ml.